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and so much more tonight, Wednesday Dec. 2 at VIU. 7:00 p.m.

The 2009 pilot project coordinators are willing to add more vegetables and varieties within those vegetable families to the Seed Saving Project in 2010. Are you jumping, up and down?

The Project will still keep track of the original beans/peas, beet/chard and squash varieties but new vegetable varieties will be added, for the food security enthusiast, horticultural therapist, market gardeners or for those, who just want to plant a pot of fresh herbs near the back door.

All in the name of the increasingly loud buzz word, local sustainability.
Can you hear this sound?

Now that the seed saving Project is being expanded, I’ll bring more beet, cucumber, parship, pepper and tomato seeds tonight. A bunch of cilantro and dill. Plus in the flower department(got to attract those beneficial insects) calendula, cosmos, marigolds, poppies and ornamental sunflowers. And that’s just a fraction of the flowers, herbs, vegetable seeds I have to trade/donate.

Then there’s a Kale Force seed-saving party, in January, food security author, Robin Wheeler in February and Seedy Saturday in March. Plus a permaculture, organic vegetable/seed saving gardening course in the spring. Oops!

Did I let three cats out of the bag?

Watch this space!


Seed Savers of Powell River officially launched our pilot seed-saving project on February 11th.

About twenty people enjoyed a delicious potluck at the monthly Wednesday Kale Force meeting. Then we got busy packaging up seeds in readiness for Seedy Saturday, our community seed/plant swap and garden fair on March 14th.

If you’re a gardener or food security enthusiast, read about that meeting and our project at:

Collected your garden seeds from last year, but never got around to putting them in envelopes, to trade at Seedy Saturday?

Got paper bags, jam jars, used envelopes of seed, earmarked for donation to Seedy Saturday?

You’re a gardening/food security enthusiast, with a couple of spare hours and a desire to have some fun and network with other seed-saving gardeners?

If your answer is, positive to any of the three above questions:

Come tomorrow, Wednesday, February 11th to the Community Resource Center on Joyce Avenue in Powell River to our seed-packing bee/party.
Pot-luck with local gardening group, Kale Force at 5:00 p.m. and work ‘party’ from 6-8 p.m.

And if you’re thinking this is a late announcement. Rest assured that, this message, has been passing around that most effective of communication devices, the human ‘telegraph’, word-of-mouth for the past few months. It’s more of a last reminder of the date to locals. And a hello!
To the international seed-saving community.