Some of you, might have the other line of that jingle, stuck in your head!

Beans are magical in many ways:)

If you have several favorite beans and you want to save seed from them, will you end up with crosses(hybrids)?
Bush beans are self-fertilizing. Therefore there is generally little chance varieties cross-pollinating.

However it is advised to separate bush varieties in the home garden by at least two feet.

What is often done in home seed saving, is separating similiar bush bean varieties by a row of a different variety of bean (if you are growing all your beans in the same section of garden) Or a row of different vegetables.

There is more tendency for a pole bean to cross. So the advice is plant similiar varieties a minimum of 12 feet apart.

Also the more open-faced flowers of Scarlet Runners, limas and broad beans attract more insect pollinators and therefore more cross-pollination.

So again, a wider planting distance between varieties is advised.

Am growing Andy’s Broad Beans from Saltspring Seeds, and several varieties from my own fava seed collection(originally Windsors, and a small green and purple seeded. Plus two pole varieties of red-flowered Scarlet Runner and one bicolor.(which started out last year as EMERG0, all white which apparently crossed with the red due to close proximity)

So I’ll be paying closer attention to planting distances this season.