Carrying on from the early discussion about identifying heritage beans.
Many years ago, I lived in the West Kootenays in a predominately Doukhobour(religious sect from Russia) rural community. Being vegetarians, my neighbours basically raised the bulk of their vegetable, fruit and dairy food supply to sustain their families through 12 months of the year. Half of which were snow-covered.

My neighbour gave me dried bean seeds, that were in my description, a mottled pinky tan. These seeds were her and the other neighbours primary dried bean. Which again, subjectively speaking, looked,cooked and tasted like a pinto.
Years later, came across Taylor Horticultural beans featured in the Canadian seed company specializing in European varieties especially of Dutch heritage. They looked in the pods/seeds, grew, cooked and tasted so similiar to the Doukhobour dried beans. However they are described in their catalog as striped red seeds? Also described as Red-Flamed Podded.

At least our Seed Saving Project is starting out with ‘named’ varieties of beans!