I’ve been growing a drying pole bean for a couple of years that seems to have some variety name confusion.

The one I’ve been growing came originally from either the PR or CV Seedy Saturday labeled “Ukrainian Pole Bean”. It’s a strong grower, would easily go past 8 feet if I let it, productive, the pods go from green to red and cream-striped as they dry down. Seeds are mostly white with maroon flecks, but there are some which are maroon with white flecks. As they age, the white areas on the seeds darken to a brownish pink but the darker maroon flecks are still obvious. A few plants in each planting seem to stay very low and set beans near the ground.

I also have two other types of bean seed which look identical. One was labeled “Bull Hunk” (which might be a misprint for “Bohunk”), the other “Uncle Jim’s Pole Bean”. When I grew them out the plants looked identical to Ukrainian Pole and the behaved the same way, resulting seeds looked identical too. So, they may all be the same thing.

A bit of online searching doesn’t turn up any reference to a bean called bohunk or bull hunk, and the only Ukrainian pole bean is one called “Neabel’s” from Salt Spring Seeds or Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds. No picture, but the description says “Very pretty maroon speckled two-toned beans. A heavy yielding pole variety” which certainly describes this one I have.

Any other ideas about this variety? Has anyone else been growing it?