Perhaps with the many sources of B.C. and even coastal vegetable seeds available, we can start to narrow down, what specific types of vegetables we’d like the pilot project to concentrate on, during the first year.

Beans and peas are relatively easy starter seed saving crops and an important protein crop in view to regional sustainability.  And quite a few of us are experienced growing and saving these kinds of seeds and can readily mentor new growers/seed savers.

I’ve been communicating with Dan Jason of Saltspring seeds and invited him to join our blog.  He’s coming up with lots of suggestions and enthusiasm about our project.

Seeds are still coming in from his growers but the new on-line catalog should be available in a month.

We can take in suggestions from the Kale Force group, and the Farmers’ Institute during this next few weeks.  I might be a little more eager to reach a consensus on the seeds for the pilot project, because have an opportunity to ‘launch’ the idea to the Powell River Garden Club on November 25th. 

The topic is vegetable gardening…and of course, seed-saving is a natural part of that topic…at least for me:)